Slovenia Top Things to See & Do

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle, locally known as Predjama Grad, lies in the village with the same name, north west of the town of Postojna in Slovenia.

Predjama Castle is one of the most famous in Slovenia, attracting each year thousands of tourists. this amazing fortress, built within a cave, is not at all the kind of castle we’re familiar with,There are many majestic ancient castles around central Europe, but the one found at Predjama is unique.

 This citadel is constructed into the rockface of a mountain!

Visitors marvel at how the building seamlessly blends with the rock, towering more than 400 feet above the river valley below.
The castle’s name in Slovenian –Predjamski Grad —  literally means “the castle in front of the cave.”

Predjama castle is located in the middle of a 123 m high, overhanging, limestone cliff, in the entrance of a cave. is a Renaissance castle.

Predjama Castle, was considered virtually impenetrable when it was constructed in the 13th century. 
The castle has been completely reconstructed many times over the years. In more recent centuries, Predjama Castle became a hunting lodge for various Austrian aristocrats.
Inside the castle, visitors can see numerous replica weapons – lances, halberds, swords, battle hammers, longbows, crossbows and armour – in a faithfully reconstructed room in the main castle attic.

The castle has featured in numerous documentaries and feature films.(the film Armour of God starring action hero Jackie Chan).
Address: Predjama 1, 6230 Predjama  
Official site

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Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Lake Bled

Lake Bled Lake Bled is the crown jewel of Slovenia, is one of those places that feels like it was plucked straight from the pages of a fairytale. Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Situated in the NW of Slovenia.

It is 2120 m long, up to 1380 m  wide with a maximum depth of 30 m.
In addition to the cobalt waters of Lake Bled, you should explore the area’s beautiful Alpine landscape. 
Walking paths will get you around the lake with plenty of viewpoints and wooden benches en route.(Lake Bled is known for the presence of swans as well as ducks). There is nothing better than to stretch your legs with a lazy walk around the lake. The length is 6km.(There is also a tourist train that goes around the lake and stops at 7 locations).
Take a stroll along the lakeshore or taste the culinary delights in one of the restaurants.You can also  to visit the top sights, including the castle and the island in the middle of the lake.

One of the most photographed features of Lake Bled is the tiny wooded island of Blejski Otok. 
With a postcard-perfect church crowning Slovenia’s only natural island,The rustic baroque church, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, aka Church of Mary the Queen, aka Our Lady of the Lake, is famous for its wishing bell. 
The church was built and rebuilt in the 15th and 17th centuries to its current form with a bell tower.
Bled castle, standing on a 130-meter high cliff, is one of the top attractions in this beautiful alpine town. Bled Castle, perched on a rocky precipice above Lake Bled is over 1000 years old. 
And while it’s most famous for its dramatic location, a wine-tasting experience in the castle cellar is an absolute highlight.

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Maribor 

Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia and the largest city of the traditional region of Lower Styria, is on the left bank of the River Drava. 130km, northeast of Ljubljana. 
Maribor was first mentioned as a castle in 1164, the old Maribor Castle was built on the hill where it stood until 1790.
The settlement surrounding the fortress gained an official city status and a modern name in 1250. 
The area abounds in nature retreats and an incredible inner city wine culture. 
Maribor is famous as a thermal resort. First healing thermal springs were discovered more than a century ago there. 
Maribor, along with the Portuguese city of Guimarães, was selected the European Capital of Culture for 2012.
Places to visit in Maribor
In the city, there are many gorgeous religious monuments including Franciscan Church. 
Main Square of Maribor.
The town hall.
The City Castle, Maribor’s most prominent sight is the handsome 15th-century City Castle.
The old town – an attractive, well-preserved cluster of coloured Baroque façades and steep terracotta tile roofs. 
Plague Column.
Lent District on the Drava, the Oldest Part of the City of Maribor

National Liberation Monument.

Maribor Cathedral (Church of St John the Baptist)
Water Tower-there is a wine bar in the tower, with tables and chairs.

Sinagoga Maribor- Located in the city centre close to the Drava river. Old architecture. 
There is an interesting exhibit about a family of Slovenian jews and  their history.
Judgement Tower.

Slovenska Ulica street

Old Bridge (Drava Bridge)
Tip: take a look at the bridge from the Terrace Restaurant of the Maribor City Hotel.

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Postojna Cave 

Postojna Cave is a karst cave system near Postojna, southwestern Slovenia and one of its top tourism sites.
The caves were created by the Pivka River (you can see Pivka River near the cave entrance),  it has been responsible for creating this beautiful underworld system for the two million years.

Magnificent cave formations and diverse fauna, over 24 km of passages, galleries and halls a fascinating subterranean paradise shaped by tiny droplets over millions of years. The temperature inside the cave is constant throughout the year (10 °C).
The world's first railway in an underground cave was opened in Postojna Cave in 1872. The cave tour, which includes a cave train ride and a walk along an easy footpath, takes an hour and a half. (you can also use audio guides available in no fewer than 17 languages).

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park is the largest protected area in Slovenia and covers an area of 838 square kilometers. Located in the northwestern part of Slovenia.
The area was officially protected in 1924 as the Alpine Conservation Park,(It was established in form in 1981).
The Triglav National Park, is the only National Park in Slovenia.  
Triglav National Park was named after Mount Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. (Mt. Triglav is 2864 meters high)
With beautiful views of the mountains from the tall peaks, hills,green alpine valleys, many streams carve their way between mountains, and lakes, rivers, and pastures and a huge diversity of flora and fauna. 
Nature and photography lovers are going to love this place. 
There are so many things to do and see.
Triglav National Park offers great activities such as kayaking, rafting, and  skydiving.
There are different paths and you can find information on the official website and at the "ticket office" at the entrance. 

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Koper

On the Adriatic coast of Slovenia hides a true gem that many tourists wish to uncover – the city of Koper. 
Koper located in the Istrian region in southwestern part of the country, approximately five km (3 miles) south of the border with Italy, Koper is the largest coastal city in the country.
Koper also has a rail connection with the capital city, Ljubljana. 
Koper with the scenery, medieval Squares and narrow cobble stone streets will let you discover the rich history of this walled town step by step,medieval Venetian palaces.
The Praetorian Palace on central Tito Square has become the symbol of the Slovenian city. This gorgeous building was finished in the 15th century. 
 Fans of leisure sunbathing and fans of sightseeing will both find Koper very attractive.

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Ljubljana 

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and the country's largest city. 
Ljubljana (pop. 300,000) is one of the smallest European capitals, a city with a green soul. Ljubljana, is one of the most Europe’s green capital, with all the green space in the city, multiple parks, trees, and rivers. 
Ljubljana is a picturesque city, an exciting mix of cultural traditions,cafes and a vibrant nightlife and the famous Tivoli park.
Most attractions are very close together, walking distances are not far, the picturesque, almost car-free old town of Ljubljana is very easy to get around and quickly explored on foot.
Ljubljana has a lot to offer to visitors.
Ljubljana  is one of Europe's top new culinary destinations.

Ljubljana Castle

The castle of Ljubljana is perched on a hill above the Old Town and from up here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Ljubljana. 

Zmajski most (Dragon Bridge)
Prešernov trg Square with the Franciscan Church
Tivoli Park
The Cathedral (Church of St Nicholas)
Plečnik’s Ljubljana
The famous Triple Bridge belongs and  the Plečnik House, where the living areas and the architect’s personal items. 
Town Hall
Central Market Square (“Vodnikov trg”) ​​and Market Arcades.
The City Museum of Ljubljana
National Gallery of Slovenia

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Piran

Piran is  one of the most beautiful towns along the Adriatic Coast,and is one of the most picturesque towns in Slovenia,and is one of Slovenia's major tourist attractions.
Piran dons many nicknames, the “gem” of the Venetian Gothic and the “Dubrovnik of the Adriatic sea”.
Piran is an old port town that still has many important medieval attractions.
The old Town with its quaint alleyways with narrow streets and compact houses, and beautifully preserved Venetian Gothic architecture.
The beautiful harbor fish restaurants and cafés with waterfront views and shops.
This town regularly hosts various events and festivals. 

What to do in Piran
Walk along the town walls with incredible views of Piran and the Adriatic Sea.(There are signs for the walls beginning in Tartini Square).
Tower of St. George Cathedral.
Tartini Square and the Harbour, this is the main square of Piran and basically marks the centre of the town. 
The winding Old Town of Piran, and the charming alleyways with its crowded houses.
To the south of the Tartini Square is a promenade that runs in both directions down to the waterfront of the harbour. 
Comfortable beaches make this Piran region a great holiday destination.

Slovenia Top Things to See & Do -Vintgar Gorge

The masterpiece of nature in Slovenia, Vintgar Gorge, carved by Radovna River, is located near Gorje, approximately 4 kilometres north-west from Bled. 
Vintgar Gorge is  one of the best natural attractions in Slovenia.
It’s a 1.6 km (1 mile approx.) canyon created by Radovna River inside Triglav National Park.
The river’s deep emerald green colour is one of its most stunning qualities.
The river has created many erosive features such as pools and rapids, and terminates in the picturesque 13 m (43 ft) Šum Falls.
The name Vintgar originates from the shape of the gorge, resembling a wine glass.
One of the best things about exploring the Vintgar Gorge. Walk on the trail across the gorge, the walk is fairly flat.
The trail leads you over wooden walkways (named Žumer Galleries after Jakob Žumer) and bridges along and across Radovna river.
Walk on the trail across the gorge and the wooden bridges,and admire waterfalls, pools, and other masterpieces of nature.
Admire the stone bridge of the Bohinj Railway, the over 100-year old stone bridge that’s part of the Bohinj Railway.

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